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Tourism in Kawardha

Kawardha is a wonderful city that falls in the state of Chhattisgarh. This City has got magnetic power, that pulls tourists from far locations. Though the city has limited attractions, it is surrounded by many beautiful attractions, due to which tourists not just from India but also the tourists from the neighboring countries visit this place.

The city of Kawardha is blessed with few parks and lakes, temples and sacred holy waters, ancient temples and buildings, palace, hills and lot more. This place is ideal for trekkers, religious people, as well as the nature lovers.

Popular Tourist Destinations In and Around Kawardha

Below are few of the most popular tourist destinations located in and around Kawardha.

Kanha National Park

Kanha National Park is a most famous park that situated in the Maikal hills of the Satpura range, which has been considered as a National Park as well as Tiger Reserve, during 1955 and 1974. This is said to be an excellent national park which provides shelter for about 22 varieties of mammals. Some of the animals were namely the tiger, wild boar and swamp deer, as well as sambar, and jackal. Apart from these, there are about 200 types of birds such as spul fowl, storks, pintails, egrets, as well as peacock are some of the birds that tourists can watch and enjoy. While, the best time to visit this park is from the month of November to June.

Kawardha Palace

This Palace of Kawardha is a wonderful building that has been built with and Italian marble and stones. Maharaja Yogeshwar Raj Singh Ji constructed this Palace during the year 1930. However, the Palace is no more a Palace now. The hotel  Palace was built in the 1930s by the King Dharamraj Singh. It has been declared as a heritage hotel and now provides accommodation. It has been declared as a heritage hotel that accommodates several tourists by providing 8 fully-furnished rooms as well as cottages.

Bhoramdeo Temple

The temple of Bhoramdeo had been constructed somewhere between 7th and 11th centuries by the Nagwamshi Ruler, who is also known as King Ramchandra Deo. The Bhoramdeo temple has been located at the Maikal Mountain ranges with a distance of just 18 kms away from the city of Kawardha. The temple has been constructed in the Nagar architectural style and is also known as 'Khajuraho of Chhattisgarh'. Overall, it’s a beautiful temple that is built over a 5’ft platform, is a must visit place at least once when you visit any of the nearby attractions.

Radha Krishna Temple

The Radha Krishna temple that has been situated very close to the temple of Bhoramdeo, and has lots of unique features that has gained a large popularity. And it is also said that, the temple has some underground rooms, in which the sages were supposed to perform rituals at this place. While, one can also dip in a sacred water body, which is popular as 'Ujiyar Sagar', that is established next to the temple.

Pushpa Sarovar Lake

The Lake called ‘Pushpa Sarovar Lake’ is another wonderful spot that is surrounded by many thick green trees. And people can enjoy the singing of several colourful birds that gives pleasure to the people, by making amazing sounds. This lake is located very close to the temple of Bhoramdeo, where people gather in large numbers. All the people who visit the temple, visit this place as well, and spend good time here.

Saroda Reservoir

One more attraction that is located in Kawardha is 'The Saroda Reservoir' that belongs to the 11th century, as per the historical records. This is an amazing tourist spot, where one can do boating and other activities like swimming as well as trekking and fishing. Also, this place is an ideal destination for the nature lovers, who loves to watch the beauty of the sunset.

Madwa Mahal

This temple called 'Madwa Mahal' is found to be one of the most ancient building that got constructed during the period of 1349. This is the exact place, where the wedding rituals of the King Ramchandra Deo (Nagawamshi) and the Queen Haihawanshi was held. Also, one can visit the sacred 'Shivalinga' in this building. 

Lohara Baoli

There is another attraction at Kawardha, which is 100 years old that is just 20 kms away from the city. It is 'Lohara Baoli' well, which is build by the Royal family of Kawardha a century ago. The speciality of this well is that, it has several chambers, which were used by this Royal family to safeguard themselves against the too hot temperature.

How to Reach Kawardha?

Kawardha can be reached by any means of transport like airways, railways and roadways via Raipur route. These routes are connected from many parts of India.

By Road:
There are many regular buses operated from various places to Kawardha. Some of the bus stations near to Kawardha tehsil include Bilaspur, Rajnandgaon, Durg and Raipur, which are just 120 kms from Kawardha.

By Rail: Similar to bus transportation, even there are regular trains to Kawardha. While the nearest towns or tehsils that are close to this tehsil include Raipur, Dongargah, Nagpur, Lucknow, Mysore, Kolkata, Delhi, etc.

By Air: Kawardha can also be visited by flight, and the nearest airport to this tehsil is the Raipur (Swami Vivekananda Airport). From this airport, one can drive to Kawardha in 2 and 1/2 hrs.

Where to Stay in Kawardha?

Kawardha is a big town with lots of attractions to view, and a better place to stay. Tourists can find broad-numbers of hotels in and around the city of Kawardha. You will be taken to the wildlife sanctuary and other attractions in the cab. Food and amenities provided here are absolutely fantastic. While, the budget hotels that are located near to this place bring value to the people who reside here.

Godna Eco Resorts

Address : Bhoramdev Road, Kawardha HO,
City : Kawardha,
Pin Code : 491559, (Chhattisgarh)
Phone : 0774 120 8092
Mobile : +91 942 521 1581, +91 930 540 8338

Hotel Jagdamba Palace

Address : Bypass Road,
Minimata Chowk, Kawardha Ho,
City : Kawardha,
Pin Code : 491559, (Chhattisgarh)
Phone : 0774 123 2119, 0774 123 2118

What to Eat in Kawardha?

Kawardha is a not a small town, it's a big town, where you can find diverged numbers of food items to consume. There is no limit for the items, you can order north and south Indian cuisines, Italian, Chinese and thai food, and what not? Apart from these, you can taste the delicious local food of Kawardha as well as entire State of Chhattisgarh.

Ajmeri Biryani Center
Address : Shop No 43,
Bus Stand Complex,
City : Kawardha,
Pin Code : 491995, (Chhattisgarh)

Choubey Bhojnalaya

Address : Shop No 86-87-88,
Indira Complex, Near Bus Stand,
Jai Stambh Chowk,
City : Kawardha,
Pin Code : 491995, (Chhattisgarh)
Phone : 0774 123 2460

Dewangan Chai & Coffee Corner

Address : Ward No 21,
Shop No 62, Near Bus Stand,
City : Kawardha,
Pin Code : 491995, (Chhattisgarh)
Mobile : +91 968 548 2674

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